What I’ve learned this year

Fun: drug stuff, behavioural addictions/compulsions, how to program operant conditioning chambers, that I can write things that get accepted for presentation, multivariate stats (yes – nerdy), seekrit psychology stuff (assessment), and that I am medium-hypnotisable (like 70% of the population).

Not-so-fun: that I actually have to do a conference presentation in the near future, 60+ hour weeks are crap, having to be somewhere every day including public holidays, weekends etc without a break for weeks and without getting paid sucks, that published papers lie about their methods, that results are sometimes really odd, and that, in general, 4th year is brutal.

Random: how to pH stuff, that I really like powder-free gloves and drawing-up needles (perhaps mostly because it’s harder – though not impossible – to hurt myself with these), that male fruit flies are jerks, that research facilities are kind of creepy when you’re the only one working late, that there are bunnies outside said research facility when you’re working late, that brain cupcakes are a thing.

The most important lesson, and a take-home for us all:

Do not drink the blue liquid.


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